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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Be Tweaking

June 16, 2009
Although the new business venture isn't quite ready to go live, the website is very, very close. For those of you with any interest, the website is:

If any of you know any medical technologists, medical technicians, physicians, histopathologists, etc. Direct them my way.

I hope to go semi-live in a couple weeks with regular lab-oriented content on the main page and have a sample newsletter up by August 1st and get officially going September 1. But in the meantime, the site's almost ready.



Blogger spyscribbler said...

Wow, Mark, that's absolutely gorgeous. Very professional and clear. Not cluttered.

It looks fantastic!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Thanks. I'm very pleased with it.

5:36 AM  
Blogger Aimless Writer said...

Great site! Good luck and wishing you many hits to your new site!

6:00 PM  

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