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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From Zen Guitar...

June 10, 2009

From today's reading of "Zen Guitar" by Philip Toshio Sudo.

"For long stretches of the path, there will be periods of self-doubt. You may hear others making beautiful music and wonder if you can ever do the same. Rest assured, you can--but you must maintain perspective.

"The Way of Zen Guitar is to play what you are meant to play, not necessarily what you want to play. Understand the difference. Sometimes the two are the same, sometimes they are not. You must reconcile one with the other or you will not make any progress on the path."


Anonymous Christine said...

I shared this post with my daughter, who plays french horn. She plays beautifully, but sometimes she gets frustrated, because her lips don't buzz right or her emboucheure is to straight, or fill in the blank.

Sometimes artists--be they musicians, writers, painters, or what have you--are hardest on ourselves. I think the passage you chose today speaks to that tendency, and tells us we must learn not to take ourselves too seriously.

Thanks for this post.

11:53 AM  
Blogger spyscribbler said...

Oh geeze! What a quote! That second one can involve a whole lot of anguish and struggle, LOL.

Geeze, Mark. Aren't I having enough crises this summer, LOL?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Christine said...

As an add-on comment to your Kindle post, I own a Kindle--one of the few, the proud--and I plan to buy your book on it. Meanwhile, you said it was easy to publish this way. Would you be willing to share what it takes? I was thinking of formatting my own novels for this, but they're currently formatted in pdf and pagemaker format. My understanding is Kindle uses a different format. How did you find that format and how hard was transferring from one format to the other? Thanks in advance for your response.

11:59 AM  

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