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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Book Tour, Day 2

October 10, 2006
Hit some more bookstores in the area today.

Borders Books & Music, Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI
They had 3 books. I brought them up to the info desk and they seemed glad to see me. Had me sign them and noted that they had already sold 5. They were putting the remaining books either at the front table or at the Of Local Interest section. I gave them some brochures, as well.

Barnes & Noble on Main Street, Royal Oak, MI.
The toughest thing here was finding parking. Finally made it to the store and they had no copies. I introduced myself at the information desk and he put in an order for them. I gave him a copy of PITCHFORK and although he wasn't interested in thrillers, said he would leave it for the next shift, who did.

Barnes & Noble, John R, Troy, MI.
Again, they didn't have any copies of PITCHFORK, although they had four copies of my last novel, DIRTY DEEDS, probably left over from a signing I did there a year ago. I introduced myself to the lady at the info desk. She pulled PITCHFORK up on the computer and said, "Nope, haven't ordered any." Nor did she offer to order any. I asked her if she liked thrillers and she said yes. So I gave her an autographed copy of PITCHFORK and said, "If you like it, maybe you'll consider ordering copies." Thanked her and left.

Borders Books & Music, 14 Mile Road (Oakland Mall), Troy, MI
Hunted around and found two copies on the shelf. Took them to the info desk and asked to sign them. She asked the manager who said sure and asked if there were any more in the store. I said I hadn't seen them, but I was going to ask them to check. They did. There were four more, but they didn't know where. So they hunted around and found them on one of the carts, getting ready to be put on the main table. So I signed all 6, they put stickers on and off we go.

So, 4 bookstores, 6 bookstore workers, gave away one book. Also, it seems apparent that B&N, although the book is in their system, isn't necessarily carrying it, so by showing up and asking they're ordering copies. This might require another run at those stores in the future.

On the THIS-IS-SO-COOL front, I got an e-mail from my editor at Midnight Ink with the mock-up of the cover art for THE SERPENT'S KISS, the 2nd Derek Stillwater novel. It's not at all what I expected it to be, but it's seriously cool anyway. I really like it. When I get time and permission, it'll go up on the website, but probably not for a while.

Mark Terry


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