Mark Terry

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Washington DC

Sept. 27, 2006
Well, so far today I drove to Detroit Metro Airport (actually I rode shotgun), flew 500 miles or so to Ronald Reagan National Airport, took the shuttle to the hotel in Virginia, got the hang of the Metro rail system, hung out at the Mall, saw the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, World War II Memorial, went up in the Washington Monument, listened to the CEO of LabCorp talk, followed by a guy from Digene talk, then listened to a panel of lab industry honchos talk about what's on their mind, then met the folks who insisted I be here in the first place.

Then I met my family for dinner at a mexican place and then back to the hotel to figure out how to get the Internet connected--ooh ha! Success.

And for all my whining about missing Bouchercon, I discovered that Saturday on the Mall is the National Festival of the Book, so all is not lost, I may be able to shake hands with some booksellers.

Mark Terry


Blogger Ron Estrada said...

Careful pal. You're in a primary target. The bookfest sounds like a blast, though. Maybe you can catch the Anchorage B'con next year. Now that would be cool.

8:09 AM  
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