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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Washington DC--the wrap-up

September 30, 2006
Whew. Okay, so on this trip to DC, aside from the business meetings I attended, we visited:

1. Smithsonian Castle & Gardens
2. Smithsonian Air & Space (also watched an IMAX movie there about the Mars Rovers)
3. Smithsonian Natural History Museum (gems & minerals, uh, rocks!)
4. National Archive--saw the Magna Carta, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The guard told me the worst thing about "The National Treasure" was the had the Declaration in regular light. The room it's in is very dim and they don't allow flash cameras, and the Declaration is so faded you can't even read it. In fact, about the only signatures you can even see are John Hancock's and John Adams, and I really had to get close to read Adams's.
5. Ford Theater.
6. Capitol Tour.
7. Lincoln Memorial
8. Washington Monument--went up in it, too
9. World War II Memorial
10. Vietnam Veterans Memorial
11. Walked around the Ellipse and looked at the White House
12. Walked into the Smithsonian Native American Museum, checked out the cafeteria, decided the food was too weird for us, and went somewhere else. Cool building.
13. National Book Festival on the Mall. Ended up making 3 people very happy by giving them autographed copies of THE DEVIL'S PITCHFORK. I'll write more about the NBF at a later date.
14. Saw the Library of Congress
15. Took pictures on the steps of the Supreme Court
16. L & kids went to the National Aquarium, which is inside the Commerce Building (go figure).

That's about it. (Isn't that enough?) We wanted to get over to the Jefferson Memorial, but with all the walking we did it was too much. We bypassed the Korean and World War I monuments, and because we understand our kids fairly well we didn't bother with any of the art museums. We'll have to come back when they're a little older (or without them).

Ate out at some very good restaurants, did a little shopping (I've got a black hooded sweatshirt with FBI across the chest), rode the Metro a lot, and basically had a good time.

And thank God we'll soon be back to our so-called normal lives.

Mark Terry


Blogger spy scribbler said...

Oh dear dog, I am SO jealous! I am totally in love with DC. I keep saying I want to move there, but the DH doesn't agree.

I can't believe you didn't stop at the International Spy Museum!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

The Spy Museum was on the agenda, but, like the Jefferson Memorial, we just ran out of time (and energy). I definitely want to go back, as does my wife, the government junkie. She was in heaven. I told her she should get a 2nd career as a lobbyist.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

Well?...when do your "NORMAL LIVES" begin? I wonder if you're man enough to admit that your "normal life" is 100 times worse? Ha ha ha ha ha ha hahah a hahahahah aha aha ha haha aah aha ah aha aha ah ahah aha ha aha hah ah ahaha hhaahah ahah ah ahah aha ahahah aha hahahahhaha!

Bush is no longer the worst president. Ha ha ha ha ha...I bet you're just dying inside! Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha...sorry..I just get a kick out of imagining the faces of all the MORONS that voted for the USURPER! ROTFL!!!!!!

12:19 PM  

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