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Thursday, September 28, 2006

DC--Day 2

September 28, 2006
Busy. Up around 7, picked up a couple donuts, then caught talks from 8-11:30 or so, predominantly about gov't regulation, Medicare and the status of the lab industry as it interacts w/others. Then I changed clothes and caught the Metro to the Mall to meet L & the kids in front of the Smithsonian Castle for a lunch in their snackshot (expensive, but tasty), a glimpse at Smithson's sarcophogus, then a tour of the Air & Space Museum, then a walk over to FBI Headquarters, which no longer does tours and has all the appearances of an armed bunker with bomb shutters over the entrances, concrete barriers over the drives and armed cops (a lot of them) around the two entrances; a tour of Ford's Theater (disconcertingly across the street from FBI HQ and next door to a Hard Rock Cafe), then over to the National Natural History Museum (way cool) to the gem room, saw the Hope diamond and tons of other stuff, then over to the dinosaur room when we realized time was slipping away, then bailed on that in search of the whale, but gave that up and walked thru part of the mammal room, then took a load off our feet, then hit the Metro back to the hotel, crashed for a while, then out to Hamburger Hamlet for dinner. Now we're crashing.

Mark Terry


Blogger Ron Estrada said...

Tough to do in one day? I see you were memorialized in the pages of the Oxford Leader. Diane Giroux, another Keble Laner, one-upped you. She got front page for donating a kidney. Unless you're parting with a vital organ, you remain relegated to page 4.

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