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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Writing Biz

October 9, 2006
Ah, the glamorous life of the writer. We all get into this because we love to write, right? So today I:

9:00--headed off to the UPS Store, manuscript of ANGELS FALLING in hand, to make two copies, copy boxes and a variety of other office supplies that I needed.

10:00--gym, to lift heavy objects for a while

11:00--Back home. Sort through my life, check email, eat lunch, walk the dog.

12:30--write cover letters for manuscripts (one to publisher, one to agent), prep manuscripts to go in the mail tomorrow. Today is Columbus Day. No mail. No work for the wicked government employees and people who otherwise work for better bosses than I do. Slave driver!

1:00--write check to webmaven to cover her latest invoice

1:15--finally get around to organizing my receipts from the Washington DC trip and submitting a reimbursement voucher to the folks who sent me there.

1:35--go through the last issue of the technical journal I edit and send off an email to my layout person and the exec director regarding which articles need to be submitted to PubMed, which part of the TOC should go up on the website, and can I please have a PDF of... oh yeah, and a gentle reminder that the check was supposed to come within thirty days of blueline approval which was, uh, about 37 days ago. I get an email back telling me they're out of the office for the Columbus Day holiday.

1:45--blog (hey, finally, some writing!)

2:00--better try to finish Appendix C.

Ah, writing, writing, always writing.

Mark Terry


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