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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I've Been Reading

March 2, 2013
The last 10, well, not exactly books. But fiction stuff, that's on my list.

1. The Human Division #4: A Voice in the Wilderness by John Scalzi
Yeah. He's serialized this novel and a chapter/section comes out every Tuesday. Which accounts for a lot of these 10 reading selections. I'm not going to describe each chapter except to say that I'm really enjoying this book. It's in his Old Man's War universe and it's fun and interesting and, like everything I've ever ready by John, very entertaining.

2. The Human Division #5: Tales of the Clarke by John Scalzi

3. The Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling
You may have heard of this one.

4. The Human Division #6: The Back Channel by John Scalzi

5. The Night Ranger by Alex Berenson
This is a short story and I actually read it on my phone while sitting around waiting for one of my son's swim meets to start. It was probably one of the regional meets, because you have to get there early in order to save time and the seats are uncomfortable and for whatever reason the swim team's parent ensemble is dominated by moms, so Leanne does most of the schmoozing and I walk around to keep my butt from getting sore. Anyway, Alex Berenson writes an espionage series about John Wells, a CIA agent of sorts who used to be under cover with al-Qaeda. He's sort of working privately now. This short story is a prelude to a novel (which I bought but haven't read yet) and so it doesn't involve John, but involves a bunch of American college kids who eventually get kidnapped in Africa. Clearly John's going to do a bit of rescueing.

6. Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman
Better than some of his more recent books. Or at least more memorable. Yes, it features Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis. In this case it kicks off when a tree falls over and the homeowner discovers a metal box buried near the roots that contains the skeleton of an infant. The novel sort of spins out after a while, then spins back. Quite good, though, although I think he didn't give us much real backstory on the villain.

7. The Human Division #7: The Dog King by John Scalzi

8. The Monkey's Raincoat by Robert Crais
This was the first Elvis Cole novel and I first read it years and years ago. So I thought I'd go back and read it. I did. Lean and mean and very good.

9. The Human Division #8: The Sound of Rebellion by John Scalzi

10. The Human Division #9: The Observers by John Scalzi

Otherwise I am currently reading George R.R. Martin's 2nd book in The Song of Fire and Ice epic (better known as The Game Of Thrones, which is the name of the first book and the name of the HBO TV series and, in my opinion, a far better name for the series in general) called A CLASH OF KINGS. It's approximately 1000 pages and I'm about halfway through.


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