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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Collective Alzheimer's

February 21, 2013
So... my youngest son, who is a hotshot swimmer in high school, had the prelims for Leagues last night, which was for the 8 teams in their league. 150 kids, the meet started at 5:00 PM and ran until 9:15 or so. For whatever reason it was at the West Bloomfield High School pool, which is an older, smaller pool with only 6 lanes, so the damned thing took forever. For example, there were 17! heats for the 50 meter freestyle. At least those races last about 25 seconds. There were about 7 heats for the 500 meter freestyle, and each of those races lasts 5 or 6 minutes.

Anyway, because WB is way on the other side of where my wife works, I knocked off working at about 2:30 yesterday and drove to where Leanne works. I left my car there and she drove to the meet. We got there early because we wanted to find seats (we discovered at the county meet how much of a problem that can be). Granted, the seats were the world's most uncomfortable metal bleachers, but seats nonetheless.

Anyway, we drove home and were going to stop and pick up food for Ian and his friend Eric. We decided on Little Caesars Hot & Ready pizza because it's cheap and fast. Only, as it turns out, they close at 10:00 and we hit the local store at 10:05. So we just dropped off Eric and went home.

And as we pulled into the driveway, my wife said, "Shit. Your car's still at work."

Duh. We both completely forgot about it. So Leanne pulls out, heads back to work, 10 miles away, then rolls around the block back home. "Screw it. You get up and come to work with me tomorrow and drive home."

Which, for the most part, was fine. Except due to all this I also had to drive Sean to school today.

Crazy life.

Oh, and Sean qualified for the League finals in the 50 meter freestyle and the 200 meter free relay. That relay team is only about a second from qualifying for states, so we'll see what happens on Friday.

I just hope I don't forget where I left my car.


Anonymous Eric Mayer said...

Congrats to Sean. So at least one of the Terry's has his shit together!

8:00 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

No kidding

9:42 AM  

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