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Monday, February 18, 2013

Coming Soon: Monster Seeker 2

February 18, 2013
A week or so ago I finished the final edits on a follow-up to my novel, MONSTER SEEKER, which I wrote a couple years ago. In reality, I didn't have any plans to write a sequel to MONSTER SEEKER, although when I wrote the original one I had hopes.

You may notice that at the bottom it says: IAN MICHAEL TERRY with MARK TERRY.

Yep. Ian Michael Terry is my oldest son. He is currently a freshman at Michigan State University and he is 19 years old.

I'll write more about how this came about and how we co-wrote this novel, although in most regards it is Ian's novel - he wrote it, I rewrote and edited it, made suggestions. The story is his as is most of the work.

The cover art for this one, like the cover art for the first one, was done by Stephen Walker of SR Walker Designs. Typically I have Judy Bullard of Jaebee Creations do my cover art, particularly of the Derek Stillwater stories, which she has a nice feel for. But I think Stephen's style fits the Monster Seeker books well.

I expect this book to go live in a few weeks. I'll write about how Ian and I worked together on this and have some other posts about things relevant to this book. I'm also going to have an interview with Ian to post up here in a while.

I'll also be having a Derek Stillwater novella come out in a short time as well.


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