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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Don't Care About Money (And Other Lies Writers Tell)

March 8, 2011

Chuck Wendig has a blog called Terrible Minds and today he writes about Lies Writers Tell, which I recommend highly. Even if you don't care for what he's saying, you should probably care about HOW he's saying it, because the guy apparently stuck an electrical wire up his ass before sitting down at the keyboard. My favorite, not surprisingly, is:

"I Don't Care About Money."
Oh, aren’t you fucking special. You’re above money, are you? You have transcended the need to exist in this material world? “I write my inky words on paper and then I eat that paper and live within the ether of mine own storytelling!” Hey, good for you, you crazy little Bodhisattva, you. I tried not paying my mortgage and when you do that, the bank sends ninjas.

I do not have the luxury of caring naught about currency.

This lie is the sneaky mule-kicked cousin to, “I Write Only For Myself.” It is once more a deception sold by those who want to excuse their work not selling, who want to make themselves feel unique or somehow above other writers (“those greedy hacks!”) because they don’t care one whit about getting paid — it’s all about the art, you see. Mind you, this is a lie of artistes, not artists. Artists need to eat. Starving is neither glorious nor honorable — in fact, it’s not even that interesting, trust me.

Remember: Shakespeare got to get paid, son.

You don’t have to care about being rich. But you damn sure better care about money. As said in the past: your writing has value, so claim value for your writing.


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