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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Day In The life Of A Writer

March 1, 2011

6:00 AM--Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

6:09 AM--Alarm goes off. Hit snooze again.

6:17 AM--Alarm goes off. Get up, get going.

6:50 AM--Read Time Magazine while eating breakfast.

7:10 AM--Walk Frodo. It's 15 degrees outside, but dry.

7:25 AM--Pour myself a cold caffeinated beverage and descend to my office. Check email, respond to a couple messages, then start working on a column for an e-newsletter that is due on Thursday.

8:15 AM--Blog

8:20 AM--Start working on an article/column that is due in a week or so.

9:20 AM--Work on proofing third galley of technical journal

10:00 AM--head to the gym and credit union

12:00 PM--home, deciding on lunch, plus one more errand, checking e-mail

12:20 PM--head to Middle School with youngest son to pick up sheet music for tonight's concert that's in his locker.

12:45 PM--head to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. Text oldest son who is at school finishing up his ACT Test to meet us there.

2:00 PM--Home. Not the most productive day. Deal with e-mails and Facebook announcements about the fact that DEADLY BY THE DOZEN is now available for the Barnes & Noble Nook.

2:15 PM--Start on edits of a memoir I've been hired to edit.

5:00 PM--Wrap up edits for the day and field a phone call from a publisher about some questions about one of my clients.

5:15 PM--Handling a band booster email.

5:30 PM--start sending out queries for new work when I get called to dinner. Youngest has a concert tonight, so will be in and out for a while.


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