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Monday, July 13, 2009

The 5000-Pound Gorilla

July 13, 2009
LurkerMonkey, AKA Jon Van Zyle, started something over on his blog. He shows a prompt of some sort, a photo or whatever, and anybody who wants to can create a story or scene or whatever, as long as it's under 1,000 words. He'll post them.

So he put up a photograph and I wrote a little 600-or-so word story (vignette, whatever), and sent it to Jon. He hasn't quite decided in what order to post things, but he grabbed mine at random and put it up today. It's called "The 5,000-Pound Gorilla" and for me it's rather odd. I hope you like it. And why not, why don't you get involved? Might be fun.



Blogger Richmond Writer said...

I like your picture better than Lurkermonkey's. There is potential in art, why is there a cut on the gorilla's face, is it dawn or dusk?, and there is determination such as alpha males express in his eyes.

All I could think about was that the lady shaved her arm pits so she must be American.

6:03 PM  

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