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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Attention All Kindle Owners!!! :))

May 26, 2010
Hello Everyone! If you own a Kindle, or have the Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, computer, or anywhere else you might be able to stash a Kindle app, I would like to alert you to four--yes, count them, four!--novels I have available for the Kindle.

Now all three Derek Stillwater novels are available on the Kindle.

The Fallen for $14.27 (is that a weird price, or what?--but what a deal!)

And a standalone thriller, DANCING IN THE DARK, which features world class bodyguard, Joanna Dancing for the low, low price of $1.99.

And stay tuned, I'll be releasing three fantasy novels aimed at middle grades in the upcoming weeks: THE BATTLE FOR ATLANTIS, MONSTER SEEKER, and THE FORTRESS OF DIAMONDS.

I've included the artwork for THE BATTLE FOR ATLANTIS here, because, well, I love it. Isn't that cool?

Mark Terry


Blogger Eric said...

Neat, although I don't have a Kindle. That cover is indeed terrific. And I am glad to see Fortress of Diamonds there. I sure hope it gets some readers. It certainly deserves to be read.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous jim said...

One of these days I might have to buy a Kindle... but I just keep stumbling over why should I pay all that money to buy a gadget to let me read books when I can read the old-fashioned kind without buying anything except the books themselves. And then I'd have to carry it around with me and worry about dropping it or losing it or having it stolen. If I lose a book, I'm only out the cost of that book, but if something happens to a Kindle, I'd be out the $250 or whatever I paid for the Kindle plus the price of any books on it that I hadn't had a chance to read yet. (Since I usually have a backlog of purchased books that I haven't gotten around to reading yet, then I assume I would do the same thing if I owned a Kindle.) Also, I couldn't share a book with my wife without giving up the use of my Kindle until she finished reading it -- although we have some different tastes in reading, we also enjoy some of the same books & authors.

2:56 PM  

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