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Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking at 2008's Goals

December 29, 2008
So here was my, er, goal post last year:


Just Say NO To New Year's Resolutions!
December 31, 2007
Yes, yes, I know this is the day I'm supposed to commit to writing 493 words a day, losing 21 pounds and being a much sunnier fellow, but screw it. What's the point, anyway?

I've got GOALS, folks, not resolutions.

In my personal life, which is probably none of your business, and in my professional life, which is also probably none of your business, but hell, I'm willing, apparently, to drop my pants, at least a little bit, on a weekly basis here, so I guess I'll mention a few of them.

1. Complete the Laboratory Industry Strategic Outlook 2009 on time with few if any errors. This is the second time I'm updating this book-length business report, the first time being in 2006 and although I won't say I made a hash of it, it could have been better. I intend to make my life a lot easier this time by staying on schedule and proofreading everything multiple times. The real key, which I learned when I wrote the Laboratory Market Leaders Report 2007 this year was to footnote my own sourcing and calculations meticulously in my own version, so when people come back with questions (and they always do) I can say, "Hey, just a mo, I'll check."

2. Bring on some more clients. I dropped a number of clients in 2007 and then came back to a few of them. Much of my work, definitely the bulk of my income, comes from a single client. I want to keep them, but I want to branch out as well.

3. I want to make at least as much money as I did in 2006. Preferably more. 2006 was a stellar year and I made about $10,000 less this year, although most of that $10,000 will probably be coming next week. That's one of the annoying things about being a freelancer--you can do a ton of work in the 4th quarter and not get paid until the next year.

4. And in keeping with that, I want to handle my finances better than I did in 2006, always keeping in mind that the money doesn't always come when you want it to. And if my relationship with Midnight Ink didn't teach me that, nothing did.

5. I want to sign a book contract for one novel or more. Specifically, I want to sign contracts for DANCING IN THE DARK, PETER NAMAKA AND THE BATTLE FOR ATLANTIS, and HOT MONEY.

6. I want to be happy and healthy and continue to love my job.

May You Have A Terrific 2008!

Mark Terry

So, today being the 29th, how'd I do?

#1. Finished it early. Had very few changes. It should be published shortly.
#2. A few, yes. Lost a few, too, but I'm doing okay on this.
#3. Yes, about the same. I was hoping for a little better, but I seem to be right about where I was last year.
#4. Yes, we managed our finances better this year, generally speaking.
#5. Uh, no. The one that was largely out of my control was, alas, out of my control. Of course, maybe I'll hear something in the next 3 days.
#6. Yup. Nailed it.

Mark Terry


Blogger Erica Orloff said...

Once again . . .

Parallel lives . . . parallel blogs.


6:41 AM  
Anonymous Zoe Winters said...

hehe, love the "goals, not resolutions" concept.

8:26 AM  
Blogger spyscribbler said...

Good luck on #5! #3 is happening to me. I'm getting over $3K in January, but... on my taxes, it looks like my writing income went down this year, for the first time since I started writing. :-( I know it's silly, but it bothers me!

PS: What happened to your feed? See my adorable french pout that you can't resist? ;-)

5:32 PM  
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