Mark Terry

Sunday, November 04, 2007

On Your Reading Radar: "SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED"

November 4, 2007


by Jeff Cohen

I've noted before that "cozy" mysteries aren't exactly my cup of tea (ahem). There are exceptions, and Jeff Cohen is one of the major ones. He's a favorite.

He's off on a new series about Elliot Freed, the owner of a New Jersey-based all-comedy movie theater. When one of his patrons dies during a showing of "Young Frankenstein" in his theater of poisoned popcorn, Elliot feels compelled to investigate.

The book is light, always amusing, sometimes downright funny, and quite compelling in a way that I rarely find cozies to be. Cohen may actually have a point to make about comedy and finding joy and humor in life that doesn't hammer you over the head. He also, frankly, writes a pretty damned good mystery. The puzzle's good and intricate enough to keep you guessing.

And since it's a mass market paperback original, it only costs about $7. Think you could catch a movie, soda and popcorn for that much? Didn't think so. What're ya waitin' for?


Mark Terry


Saturday and Sunday totals for HM are about 3200 words, give or take, so far.


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