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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book Tour, Day 3

October 17, 2006
Just a reiteration of yesterday's blog first--the contest deadline has been extended until October 21. For those of you from AuthorBuzz who got an early jump on me, my apologies.

Now, back to today's book tour. Seemed more tiring than before. I'm sure some of this was the weather, which is pouring down rain, and some of it to the fact that I was hitting the west side of the northern Detroit suburbs, which are sprawling, dense and well-trafficked. So here goes.

Southfield Road, Beverly Hills, MI
Took me a while to get there because of a detour, but once I did I found a couple copies on the front table. All the rest had already been bought. I signed them, then went in search of a birthday present for my oldest son. The woman here who helped me was quite pleasant.

Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, MI
Three copies in the mystery section. I found a clerk at the info desk and he called a manager. They checked the computer and there were two more in the store, but they couldn't find them. After some hunting they found them on a cart ready to be stacked. I signed all five and they were going to put them on the front table (I think). Very helpful and friendly.

Borders Express, Novi Road, Novi, MI
I should have known better. I had a hard time finding this store because, well, this part of Novi has about 20 malls in a square mile. I eventually did, after asking the guy sweeping up the mall parking lot. Ran in, hunted around, then talked to a guy there who checked on the computer and I'm still not in the system. Both of them seemed rather skeptical--I'm not in the computer, so clearly I don't exist. I thanked them for their time and left.

I knew there was another Borders around here, and...

Borders, Crescent Boulevard, Novi, MI
Yep. Five copies in the mystery section. I dragged them up to the information booth and she told me, "Oh, this is the second time today. Somebody came in earlier and asked for this book." I signed all five and they put them somewhere, hopefully on the front table, although that's not a given. Sweet lady, though.

Because I'm directionally challenged, I went back to a Barnes & Noble back in Farmington Hills on Orchard Lake Road.

Barnes & Noble, Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, MI
No books there, but it was in the system, so she ordered a couple copies and suggested I swing by again in another week or so.

So, I signed 12 copies, visited 5 stores, encouraged one that didn't have it to order some, and received puzzled expressions from the fifth store, and I met 9 bookstore workers.

Mark Terry


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