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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Brain Barf

February 2, 2011
Yeah, I was going to call it Random Thoughts, but hey, why not use something colorful to describe a post with no theme made up of random thoughts?

--Happy Groundhog's Day! Because most of this midwest and east coast and damn near everywhere else in North America is covered in snow and blown by 40 mph winds, I would guess the groundhog didn't bother coming out of his burrow, and if he did, he saw no shadow because the sun was hidden, hence, no shadows. What does that mean? It means that winter will end eventually. We hope.

--On that same trail, yes, we got the biggest snowstorm we've had in a while in Michigan. Leanne made it to work, although she was the first one out of the sub. I could barely see the tracks in the driveway where she left, when I was trying to shovel. Top priority actually was clearing part of the deck so Frodo could make it out to the backyard instead of standing just inside the open door whining because there was a couple-foot snowdrift blocking his way.

--Sean had the stomach flu yesterday. The friend he stayed with this weekend had it Friday. So when he threw up at 2:00 or so Tuesday morning, both Leanne and I started counting on our fingers--Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday... to figure out when we would get it. And in fact, both of us have been feeling queasy for a couple days. Maybe it's psychosomatic.

--the tooth that had been bothering me for a month or so decided to break in half yesterday, so I made it to the dentist who sprayed some crap on it to protect the root and scheduled me for a crown on Thursday. Of course, the protective coating fell out in my mouth during karate last night. No ice cream for me today, or hot soup, either.

So, how're you?


Blogger Natasha Fondren said...

Oh man, my poor teeth. Whew! Dentistry is expensive! I pray to my teeth every day, that they hold out until summer. I'm headed down to Mexico for my dental work.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Eric Mayer said...

How are we? Let's see. We got iced but not as bad as predicted and we still have power. We both felt like we were getting sick, or entertaining some low grade illness for several days but we seem better. The cat was constipated but we put some vegetable oil in her food and now she seems okay. My tooth that broke a few months ago doesn't hurt yet. Also, the groundhog is full of shit, but at least the cat isn't now.

9:49 AM  

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