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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Goals & Resolutions

December 28, 2010
Ah, time to look at my 2010 Resolutions/Goals and see how I did.

1. Lose 10 pounds by April 1.
Uh, no. Did lose about 5, at least from the point where I made the resolution.

2. Sign NF book contract with Greenbranch.
Yeah. Did that. And the book, "31-1/2 Essentials For Running Your Medical Practice" was published in October.

3. Finish A Plague of Stars and get agent to market it.
Mmmm, no. Still working on it, slowly. Have maybe 45,000 to 50,000 words on it, so about halfway, give or take.

4. Finish China Fire or Dressed To Kill.
No. China Fire is still on my backburner and is on the top of my list for working on after I complete the next Derek Stillwater manuscript. Dressed To Kill, well, my agent didn't like it, so I stopped working on it. I may still finish it anyway, because I like the character.

5. Start on next Derek Stillwater novel.
Yeah. I hope to finish it in February or March. I'm about 67,000 words in. The tentative title is THE SINS OF THE FATHER.

6. Sign at least one more contract.
I was thinking book contract when I wrote this back in late-2009, but that didn't actually come to pass, unless you think of the self-pubbed e-books as being book contracts, which isn't quite what I had in mind. I did have other contracts for various projects, some of them fairly major, so maybe that counts.

7. Get to where you run 3 miles, 3 days a week in addition to other exercise.
Well, yeah, for a while, but I still struggle with running and recently it's been more of a low-end thing, 30 minute-walk/run 3 days a week. I often think of just giving it up and spending more time on sanchin-ryu karate and/or increasing the time and mileage of my biking, which I love to do anyway.

8. Get black belt in sanchin-ryu.
Yup. I received it this fall. I am a shodan. Next belt level would be ni-dan, and that typically takes 2 to 5 years (or never, I suppose). I'm working on it.

9. Earn $80,000+.
Yes, I'm happy to say that I hit this goal and then some, so it was a very good year financially, which alas, I can not say was true of 2009.

How'd you do on your goals and resolutions this year?


Anonymous Eric Mayer said...

Sounds like you managed to keep the most important of your resolutions. I never make resolutions. Maybe I should. I can see the value of setting specific goals. Guess my refusal is part of my anti-holiday stance.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

It seems to me, Eric, that I did better on the ones you can call "goals" and significantly less well on the ones you might call "resolutions."

10:38 AM  

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