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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Monster Seeker & The Battle For Atlantis

June 9, 2010
My two books aimed at Middle Grade readers on the Kindle, MONSTER SEEKER, and THE BATTLE FOR ATLANTIS, are now available on Amazon for all you Kindle owners who have kids. Check them out.

When 12-year-old Peter Namaka nearly drowns while riding his boogie-board off Maui, he is rescued by a girl who can breathe underwater. She takes Peter to her undersea city of Kam’Loa, where Peter is tested to see if he is a Summoner—a child of one of the Polynesian gods, able to summon at least one species of sea animal. To everyone’s amazement, Peter isn’t just a Summoner, he is The Summoner, the Heir of Ar’Tur. A famous prophecy suggests that the Heir of Ar’tur might be able to restore Atlantis, which is now divided into 49 separate and warring states. Teaming up with Gwen, merman Lance, and his buddy Bobby, Peter will take his magical sword and encounter gods, demigods and monsters as he discover his own powers and faces Prince Mordred in a battle for Kam’Loa.

Welcome to the Monster Seeker Academy!

Your principal is a sorceress.

Your guidance counselor is an expert on ancient weapons.

Your roommate... well, never mind, you'll find out.

Your mission: learn how to hunt monsters and recruit them to your side.

The grading policy is Pass/Fail.

You'll have to work hard to pass ... or die trying!

Twelve-year-old Dan O'Malley has rattled around from one foster home to the next and spends his nights roaming the city of Detroit. When he is attacked by a monster and a mysterious stranger intervenes to save his life, Dan discovers that he is a Monster Seeker, a person whose destiny is to hunt down monsters and destroy or recruit them. And to rise to his true potential, Dan must come to the Monster Seeker Academy and hone his battle skills and learn magic, because there's a war brewing between Monsters and Man, and everyone's taking sides!


Blogger LurkerMonkey said...

Guess what? You're the first Kindle book I've ever bought! I just downloaded Monster Academy ... and I don't even have a Kindle. I read on my computer Kindle for Mac app.

Now I have something to read during those slow moments at work (*snort*). I'll post a review when I'm done.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Cool. Hope you like it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts (really).

6:38 AM  
Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

Cool! I want a kindle now! My son would love these! maybe for birthday later in the year...

1:21 PM  
Blogger Bernita said...

Those are marvellous covers!
Hmmm, my grandson is almost old enough...

1:10 PM  

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