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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Night At The Museum

December 23, 2006
We all went to see "Night At The Museum" today. We all loved it. Two adults, 2 kids--ages 9 and 13--and we all thought it was light, funny and fun. As my wife said, "Funny and sweet."

Not scary, not gory, not sexual, no swearing, no poop jokes (well, maybe one really mild one regarding animal doo-doo), nothing offensive, no particularly strong message.

For families: highly recommended.

Mark Terry


Blogger Ron Estrada said...

Hmm...must have been movie day in Oxford. We saw Eragon. Not bad. Violent, but a classic good vs. evil. Sydney didn't like that I said it was Star Wars with a dragon.

I noticed a lot of our friends down there going to see Museum. We saw The Nativity Friday night (why I'm broke now). It was pretty good, too, but you can't beat the original text for cutting to the chase!

4:35 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Ian and I saw Eragon last week. It's okay. Ian's read the book and he seemed kind of disappointed. I would go, "Well, what about this, wasn't that cool?"

"That wasn't in the book."

"Oh. Well, what about this. Wasn't that cool?"

"Uh, that wasn't in the book either."

So I kind of get the impression that Eragon the book and Eragon the movie have the name, a dragon and a couple characters in common and not a whole lot else.

9:00 AM  
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