Mark Terry

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Day in the Life

August 29, 2006
So here was Monday:

6:44--drag myself out of bed. If I get out of bed before 6:45 my wife will make the bed before she goes to work, otherwise I end up doing it. So...

7:15--breakfast while reading "Creepers" by David Morrell.

7:40--take Frodo for a walk

8:15--pour caffeinated beverage and descend to the office.

8:16-9:00--dick around with e-mail and blogs for nearly 45 minutes.

9:00--work on rewrite of ANGELS FALLING

10:00--change into workout clothes and drive to UPS Store to reload return address stamper with ink. Go to gym. Chest, shoulders, upper back, hard, inconsistent workout today.

11:15. Home again. Check on boys. Check e-mail and phone messages. Write check, prep two packages to send out, one to my website maven, the other to my PR guy at Midnight Ink. Change clothes.

11:30. Boys and I drive to Chicago Brothers Pizza for their pizza buffet and have lunch. Stop at post office and mail packages. I hate going to the PO at lunchtime--it's mobbed.

12:15. Home. The boys take Frodo for a walk. I descend again into the office. Check e-mail. Make a couple phone calls. Sit down and crank out two short news articles. One is about the acquisition of Corus Pharma by Gilead Sciences; the other is about a multi-million dollar financing round by a biotech company. Send off, invoice. Check to see if mail came. It did. There's a check in there. Yeah.

2:00-5:00. Working on Chapter 7 of business report, dubbed LSO (Lab Strategic Outlook). All about the Medicaid market for clinical laboratory services. After three hours, I am totally fed up with Medicaid statistics and the byzantine and massive CMS website, the Urban Institute website and numerous reports by various other think tanks and government agencies. I should pat myself on the back for lasting that long. Three hours to get about 2 pages done, most of it statistical data.

5:00-6:00. Alternate between working on first chapter of a new novel and talking to Leanne, who got to ranting and raving about work. The first three pages of the printed out manuscript are now covered with blue felt-tip ink as I totally rework the lead. (Or lede, I suppose).

6:00--Watch the news while reading the newspaper. It's raining outside--hard. Set the table, start browning the meat for dinner. We're having mostaciolli. (Or mostaccioli).

6:45-7:15. Eat dinner.

7:15--7:45. Wash dishes and pick up kitchen.

7:45-8:30. Bring up box of mailings for marketing campaign and stamp return address on them.

8:30-9:00. Read THE DEVIL'S PITCHFORK with pen in hand to look for any changes I might want to make in case we go to a second printing.

9:00. Read "Creepers."

10:00. Go to bed.

Mark Terry


Blogger Ron Estrada said...

Man, you do lead the glamorous life. Well, next week we get to shove our children off to their new peanut free school and OMS, which is not peanut free, but happy to supply our kids with all the sugar they need. And my lovely daughter is taking up basketball. OMS does not cut from the girls team, so I might as well dash that hope. There go Monday and Wednesday nights for a couple of months. I'm sure all this was leading somewhere. Maybe we can meet up at the OMS open house. We can sneak off and smoke ciggys in the locker room.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Yeah, I forget when that is. And the peanut free school ought to be a debacle. I'm waiting for the second shoe to drop.

10:07 AM  
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