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Monday, March 05, 2012

Oh. Hello.

March 5, 2011
Hello. Yes. It's me again. I haven't been blogging much lately. Partly because I don't seem to have much to say. Or, more like it, I've said most of it over the last 5 and 7 years and I'm giving myself a break from talking about my own feelings and thoughts about writing.

Instead, I'm writing. A lot. A lot of nonfiction.

But fiction. Because I have plans for 2012.

First off, I should be making the e-book of the Derek Stillwater novella, DIRE STRAITS, available in various ebook formats soon. Yes, it's free, serialized here on my website. But I'm going to make it available with some nifty cover art and fewer typos for those readers who like to read things on their e-readers.

Secondly, I'm finishing the draft of the next Derek Stillwater novel, THE SINS OF THE FATHER. Almost. There. About 90,000 words. Derek's been hauled into the Kremlin. Things are...

Well, anyway. Once I finish the draft it needs rewriting. Lots of it. Man, I've got a guy named Misha for part of the book and Mischa for another part. Stuff like that. And other stuff. Important stuff. But I'm hoping to finish it completely by the end of March to mid-April and hopefully get cover art commissioned and the sucker up and out on e-books in May or June. And I'm planning on making a trade paperback available.

I plan to finish a tech thriller called CRYSTAL STORM and publish it.

I plan to finish the next Austin Davis novel, CAPITOL SECRETS and publish it.

This year.

I think. It's possible that I will instead of immediately working on those I will work on the sequel to THE BATTLE FOR ATLANTIS, which is tentatively titled THE SEARCH FOR MERLAND.

Also, my oldest son, Ian, is writing a sequel to MONSTER SEEKER that is tentatively titled RISE OF THE DARK SEEKERS. It's got magic and monsters and evil wizards and battles and magical swords and demons and lots of humor and a sword that can create a cyclone and vampires and a chase through New York City and then Chicago (I believe) and then... he's got to finish it. But I hope he finishes it before he goes to college in the fall.

And I've got this short story I've been working on, "Humanitarian Aid," that I want to finish and send to SF markets.

So, you know, I haven't really been blogging becuz I'm bizy writin'.



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