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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bookfetish Raves

June 14, 2011
Bookfetish gave The Valley of Shadows a rave review:

Veteran author Mark Terry once again gives life to Derek Stillwater in his newly released book, “The Valley of Shadows”.  Picking up where his last novel, “The Fallen” left off, “The Valley of Shadows” shells out the same intense degree of suspense and absorbing action that we’ve come to love and expect from his work.  Terry just gets better and better.
Protagonist Derek Stillwater has yet another mission which requires his rather ‘unique’ way of dealing with things – jihadist terrorists plan on hitting five major U.S. cities on Election Day.  Sent to Los Angeles with a response team, the Department of Homeland Security troubleshooter must stop an unknown target with an unknown weapon and all while trying to play well with his teammates…something we all know that Derek doesn’t exactly excel at.  While the five cities reel from random explosions, Derek begins to think that there’s more to the attacks than just disrupting the election process or scaring away voters.  As the terrifying events unfold, the crosshairs point in a surprisingly new – and even more disturbing - direction.  Can Derek convince his teammates to focus on an alternative or will the wake of angry colleagues and relentless trouble he customarily kicks up keep him from finishing his mission and saving lives? 
Moving away from the ‘Die Hard’ feel in the previous novel, “The Valley of Shadows” takes the tough guy Derek Stillwater character to the next level.  I thought he seemed a little more edgy and contemptuous than in “The Fallen” but that, in no way, was a disappointment.  If anything, it gave Derek a more concentrated determination while still maintaining that complex lone hero quality.  Rollins and Flynn fans will love Terry’s smart, swift style.  A must read for anyone into terrorist thrillers!
“The Valley of Shadows” is a heaping mountain of nonstop, ‘hanging on by a thread’ action, coupled with a currently red-hot jihad terrorist plotline and an unforgettable main character.  The Derek Stillwater series continues on with yet another superb novel that you just won’t be able to put down.  Mark Terry is an instant favorite – brilliant!    


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