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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jude Hardin - A Rockin' Interview

May 5, 2011
It's a happy coincidence that I'm interviewing my friend Jude Hardin on Cinco De Mayo, my favorite drinking holiday. Jude's first novel, POCKET 47, slammed onto the shelves this week and I had the opportunity to read this in manuscript form and highly, highly, highly recommend it. That's THREE highlys. Whacha waiting for? Robert B. Parker's gone, but Jude Hardin's fillin' his shoes.

So, welcome Jude, everyone!

Who's Nicholas Colt?
He’s a picker, he’s a grinner, he’s a lover and he’s a sinner. He’s a rock star turned private eye, the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed his wife and baby daughter and all the members in his band. He’s a loyal friend and a formidable foe. I created the character Halloween night 2005 while goofing around on Joe Konrath’s blog. Damn, I can’t believe it’s been that long ago. Colt has been evolving ever since.

[Mark sez: Really, if I were a rock star, I'd stay out of small planes and helicopters.]

Despite the shaved head, you just don't seem like you're as tough as Nicholas. Or are you?
Actually, I’m not shaving my head anymore. So the question is moot. ;) But really, I would never shove a fully-clothed police detective into a Jacuzzi. Colt would.

Anything inspire Pocket 47?
Not one specific thing, but I was reading a lot of Spenser and Travis McGee at the time. The voice sort of evolved from reading Robert B. Parker and John D. MacDonald and Walter Tevis (The Hustler, The Color of Money), among others. I’ve always enjoyed Hemingway, and his work never fails to inspire.

[Mark sez: I have a theory that there are generations of American PI writers. The genealogy runs something like this: Chandler/Hammet, Ross McDonald, John D. MacDonald, Robert B. Parker, Sue Grafton/Sara Paretsky, Robert Crais. And now, perhaps, Jude Hardin.]

What's your writing routine like?
I work full time outside the house, so I’m limited to about three writing days a week. I like to write in two-hour stretches. I’m not fast. Sometimes I might only finish a couple of pages in those two hours.

[Mark sez: Funny, that's about how many pages I get done in two weeks.]

Influences? Spenser? Elvis Cole? Nancy Drew?
I’ve never read Nancy Drew, and I think I’ve only read one Elvis Cole novel. I love Chandler and Hemingway for the purity of their prose, and there’s a terrific writer named Loren D. Estleman who writes about a PI named Amos Walker.

[Mark sez: Only one Elvis Cole? Get on it, dude. L.A. Requiem is a classic. As for Loren D. Estleman, he's not a novelist, man, he's a poet. I did a group book signing with him a few years back. Talented, talented writer.]

What kind of car do you drive? Would you trade with Nicholas Colt?
I used to drive a ’96 GMC Jimmy. Colt has it now. :)

[Mark sez: When it dies, I'll sell him my 2003 Saturn VUE]

Who is Jude Hardin?
He’s a picker, he’s a grinner, he’s a lover and he’s a sinner. He’s a writer and an RN and a drummer and a dad. And he can cook a mean pot of chili.

[Mark sez: Hot chili and cold beer. I'm in.]

What's next? Hopefully more Nicholas Colt. Pocket 48?
I’ve been invited to write a book for Lee Goldberg’s Dead Man ( series. Hoping to have a draft finished by this fall. It’s really different working with someone else’s character, but I’m enjoying it and it’s a learning experience--which is always good.

[Mark sez: Dayum! I'm green with envy. Totally!]

Guitar or drums?
I play some guitar, and I played bass in a trio I put together for a party last summer. But drums were my first love. And they’ll be my last love.

Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
I love them both, but if I had to pick one it would be Beatles. They never get old.

[Mark sez: Yes, but will you still love me when I'm sixty-four?]

Colt or Smith & Wesson?
I own a Colt revolver. Go figure.

[Mark sez: No firearms in the Terry household, but my wife bought a sword recently. It's under our bed at the moment. Think about that, why don't you?]

What didn't I ask that I should have asked?
You should have asked about The Great Manuscript Giveaway! ( I’m giving away pages from the original Pocket-47 manuscript in exchange for Amazon reviews. Once all the pages are distributed, one lucky participant will be chosen at random to win a free Kindle e-reader. Check it out!


Blogger Stephen Parrish said...

Fun interview! Thanks!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Jude Hardin said...

Thanks for interviewing me, Mark!

I'll check in throughout the day to address any comments/questions.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Jude Hardin said...

Thanks, Steve!

6:37 AM  
Blogger sex scenes at starbucks, said...

Fun fun.

My kid's a drummer, so you're now extended family, as I'm learning. I'm going to have to run right out and find it on Kindle.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Jude Hardin said...

Hi Betsy. Well, I'm sure your kid is driving you nuts with the noise, just as I did with my parents. It's a family tradition. ;)

8:02 AM  

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