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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


November 16, 2010
I've been drawing a blank on coming up with something to write on this blog lately, so I'm going to maybe shift focus away from "this writing life" and imitate John Scalzi and write about "whatever" comes to mind.

I love this photograph. We were dropping Sean off at Blue Lake Music Camp this summer. He was at camp for 12 days and it was the first time he'd been away at camp or for that length of time. You have to wear the Blue Lake shirts and this is a fairly classic pic of Leanne fussing with his shirt and Sean look more than a little bit mortified. In truth, Sean was very nervous, but not about being at camp. What he was nervous about was he had to do an audition to be placed into one of the jazz bands and he was all worked up about it (next year I imagine he'll be much less stressed about it). Anyway, if ever there was an expression that provides a story, it's this one.


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