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Friday, October 23, 2009

Eight For Eternity

October 23, 2009
Hmmm. Got an ARC of "Eight For Eternity" in the mail today, written by these folks. If you haven't read any of their books, I highly recommend them. This goes into my TBR pile and I"ll plan on reviewing it closer to their pub date, which is April 2010, around the same time my next book comes out.



Anonymous Jim said...

I was thinking that Eight for Eternity would not be out for a while and your post made me think that I'd forgotten the target date so I quickly popped open a window to Amazon to see if my copy would be coming today or Monday and found
Items not yet shipped:
Delivery estimate: March 3, 2010

I had been thinking of how, for example, Glenn Reynold (Instapundit) will post about getting a certain book in the mail and that coincides with its appearance in bookstores and on Amazon...

Arrrgh! You were talking about an ARC.

8:14 AM  

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