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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Typically Atypical

April 16, 2008
It's been a while since I broke down a "day in the life," and since yesterday was typically atypical in that it started a little earlier than usual, ran a little later than usual, but otherwise resembled my writing life, I thought I'd share it.

5:30ish--Got up early, showered.

6:15--In office checking e-mail, reading blogs.

6:30--worked on WIP (Fortress of Diamonds)

7:15--worked on journal edits (I edit a technical journal)

7:45--get Sean out of bed, make my own bed, eat breakfast, walk Sean to school along with Frodo

8:15--Worked some more on WIP

9:00--more journal edits & field phone conversation with one of my clients

10:45--gym to do 30 minutes of cardio, a light day

11:45--lunch & errands

12:30ish--walk Frodo

1:00--back at desk, dithering, reading blogs, trying to get back into the right frame of mind; wasting time, in other words, but at least I'm at my desk--location, location, location.

1:30--work on journal edits some more

2:50--leave to pick up Ian after school because he has jazz band after school.

3:40--home again, check e-mail, work on research project

4:00--Leanne and Sean come home more or less at the same time; chat with them a bit

4:15--back to work on research project

5:15--shut down, go upstairs, practice guitar for 10 or 15 minutes

5:30--eat dinner, do dishes

6:10--Leanne and I decide which one of us is going to Band Boosters meeting and which one of us is going to karate tonight.

6:20--flip through newspaper

6:40--leave for Band Booster meeting.

7:00-8:00--Band Booster meeting

8:15--home again, take out garbage

8:30--sit and watch TV with Sean, which appears to be "Ben Ten" and some other cartoons, a little bit of "Deadliest Catch" and 9:00 we watch a couple minutes of that adventurous food guy on the Discovery Channel (he was in Beijing eating bugs and other gross-outs).

9:00--Sean off to bed, Leanne and Ian back from karate. General chaos for next 25 minutes or so.

9:30--crash on couch and read (I'm reading "Spacedoc" by SL Veihl). Lose track of time.

10:30--go to bed

Mark Terry


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