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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Satan and Jesus: Brothers?

December 13, 2007
So I'm bopping around the website and I read this:

"The devil and Joseph Smith: "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?" So asks Mike Huckabee in this Sunday's New York Times Magazineadmitting that he doesn't know much about Mormonism except that it's a religion (a good start for an ordained minister). McClatchy blog Hot Off the Trail reports that Huckabee apologized after the GOP debate. Still, bloggers see it as a Christian-on-Christian antagonism, which, depending on their affiliation, is either fun or disheartening."

Now, I was raised a United Methodist and went to Sunday School and all that, but I don't think the idea that Jesus and Satan might be brothers ever quite entered my religious event horizon.
Now, granted, whatever you might think of Mike Huckabee, I can't imagine a stupider comment for a presidential nominee to make in front of anybody, let alone a reporter. That said, I have been to Salt Lake City and toured the Mormon facility (and please, that's not an invitation to send me recruiting e-mail or visit my house; I've got a big dog and I'll unleash the hound on you--go away!) and all that, and although I have some opinions about the differences between Mormonism and what I suppose we could call mainstream Christianity, I'm wondering which particular rock Mike Huckabee has been living under all these years.

Anyway, from a purely theological point of view--or perhaps it's mythological point of view--wouldn't, as a matter of fact, Jesus and Satan actually be related to each other? Son of God? Top Angel (fallen, or otherwise)?

Of course, as a non-evangelical, I often been nonplussed by the Holy Rollers who worshipped and "spoke in tongues," since those "tongues" are supposed to be the language of angels. But since demons/devils, etc., are fallen angels, wouldn't they also "speak in tongues"? Wouldn't, then, even in the context of their own religious beliefs, speaking in tongues have the potential of being an incredibly dangerous thing to do?

Oh well. I mean, it's the Holiday season and if you can't get a pissing match going about religion, when can you?

Mark Terry


Blogger spyscribbler said...

I totally believe in freedom of religion and that religion should have very little, if any, bearing on a presidential race.

But Mormonism is so very patriarchal. Women can't get into heaven except through their husbands, and can't get to heaven at all unless they're married. I have very deep reservations and concerns about a man being president of this country and believing that women are lesser than man.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Aimless Writer said...

I thought Mormonism was the one that some guy went out into the desert and found some rules but when his followers wanted to see them he said they disappeared... Or am I confused with something else? Either way I'm not sure I'd believe some guy who told me that or that I'd vote for a guy who believes that...
Enough said?
I was raised Catholic...I'm still scarred, so maybe I'm not the best judge of any religion. So, I made up my own! I believe all souls are randomly dropped onto earth. Sometimes you come back as a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes black, white or whatever. There are no lessons, we souls just do this for the fun of it. After all, how long can you lay around Heaven before you get bored?
Life is basically just a playground.

6:29 PM  
Blogger spyscribbler said...

LOL ... no wonder your username is "aimless writer"! :-)

Someone raised the point to me that there was similar concern with Kennedy's Catholicism. I'm unlikely to vote for a Republican, but if I do and he was up for President, he'd, I'm afraid, have to do some 'splaining for me to vote for him. It's not fair, but ... it's how it is for me.

8:36 PM  
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