Mark Terry

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Beloved and Inspirational Forward-Thinking and Righteous Leader Amongst the Scribes

May 19, 2007

Author John Scalzi had declared himself The Dictator of Writing (for our own good) and set forth decrees on his May 14th blog entry (and oddly enough, I agree with them). Read on!

"Certain events of the past few days have convinced me that most of writerdom has trouble finding its own ass without a claque of workshop buddies to comment on the journey ("I like the way you used your hands to search, but did you really need to use the flashlight?"). So in the interest of all writers, who I feel crave strong, confident demogoguery, I have staged a coup, and am now The Beloved and Inspirational Forward-Thinking and Righteous Leader Amongst the Scribes, or, more colloquially, The Dictator of Writing. Having "remaindered" all those who oppose me (or, even worse, sidelined them into SFWA board slots), I am now ready to issue decrees, which all writers must henceforth follow, on penalty of death and/or being eternally blue-pencilled by the sort of officiously tone-deaf copy editor who ate the Chicago Manual of Style when she was 14 and has been barfing it up ever since."


Mark Terry


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