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Monday, January 22, 2007

7 Questions With Robert Gregory Browne

January 22, 2007
Robert Gregory Browne's debut novel, KISS HER GOODBYE, will be debuting shortly. I was lucky enough to win an advanced reading copy and had a chance to read it a month or so ago.

In 1990 Rob won an American Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting for the script "Low Tide," which launched his career as a scriptwriter. Fifteen years or so later he decided to follow his original dream of being a novelist. The father of two grown children, Rob lives with his wife in California.

1. Are you still writing scripts?

No, I haven't written a screenplay in quite some time. As much as I enjoy writing movies, my head is in novels right now and I'm having a blast.

2. You were a fulltime scriptwriter before this novel sale. What did
you write?

Mostly feature scripts and, toward the end, a lot of animation scripts for Fox Kids. I wrote on staff for a show called Diabolik -- which was a big hit in Europe -- and, later, for Spider-Man Unlimited, which I believe fans have ranked as the worst Spider-Man cartoon series ever. Although I know we had our fans.

3. Did you ever have a "dayjob" before you broke into writing?

I spent many years working in law firms. And during the dips on the roller coaster ride -- which are more often than I'd like -- I'll usually seek out a day job. But I don't often talk about that much because a) it's not very interesting; and b) it has little to do with my writing life other than financially. Everyone always assumes professional writers are rich, but I think you'd readily agree that that's not always true.

4. I heard you write lying in bed with a laptop. How do you stay awake?

Sometimes I don't. But when you have a deadline looming, you tend to keep your eyes open. The last few days before my second book was due, I was writing until well into the morning.

5. Anything else you want to say about your writing process? Outlines,
treatments, winging it?

I generally wing it. I've written outlines and treatments in my time, but never did much with them. For me it's a waste of energy.

6. Most of my blog readers seem to be aspiring novelists. What's the
one thing you could tell them about getting "there"?

Persevere. Keep trying and you just might make it. I've had this dream since I was twelve. I'm considerably older than that now.

7. Now, having answered #6, what's the one thing you could tell them
that they haven't heard a million times before?

Always trust your gut. Always. It will never lie to you.

Thanks, Rob. I'll have a review of KISS HER GOODBYE up in a day or so.

Mark Terry


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