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Thursday, November 02, 2006

It Don't Suck

November 2, 2006
I've been a little down this week. Some of it is the weather--fall and winter have really sunk in their claws after a pretty dismal, cold, wet fall. Some of it is the inbetween books thing, some of it is just, well, me. Some of it is that early in the week a contractor down the road cut the power lines and I was without electricity half the day, screwing up my worklife, yesterday one of my clients wanted me on the phone for a conference call, which lasted--for me--from 9:15 until 2:30, and although some of it was relevant to me, most wasn't, and today, my Internet connection was down until just a little while ago, about 1:00. This tends to make me a bit cranky.

But over on Lee Goldberg's blog, he has a post about author John Connolly noting that he really has nothing to complain about.

Yeah, me, too. Despite no Internet connection, despite the fact that my oldest son called me from school this morning "requesting" that I pick up his math homework he forgot and deliver it to school, I stayed more or less on schedule and did some work on the novel-in-progress, The Unfolding, which is probably going to undergo a name change soon. I hit the post office, the credit union, then the gym, returned home, fixed lunch, walked the dog, and now will kick in on finishing a project due tomorrow.

I'm getting novels published, my publisher is behind me, I'm making a living as a writer, and this year at least, almost doubling my income from when I used to work at Henry Ford Hospital. I'm healthy (knock on wood), doing something I love and making a decent living at it.

Any complaints are minor nuisances, believe me. And I reminded myself this morning that I wouldn't go back to the hospital for anything, so get out of the dumps.

What can I say? The writing life isn't for everybody. But it don't suck. At least for me.

Mark Terry


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a tendency toward depression, and have to remind myself of my good fortune, too.

Right now, I have an experienced agent at one of the top agencies in NY shopping my novel to publishers. I should be happy that I've made it this far, right? Instead, I'm focusing on the six rejections from editors, worried that no publisher will want this book, and that my agent will eventually drop me.

Don't I sound like a fun person? ; ) My poor husband deserves a medal.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

I'm there. I really am. I have the same tendency and I remind myself often to count my blessings. The cup really is half-full, not half-empty, and it's how you look at things that will help you survive.

7:50 AM  
Blogger spyscribbler said...

Been there, when I was so sick I thought there was no earthly purpose on me being alive.

Now, I'm lucky and thankful. But who doesn't forget? I think it's the condition of being human.

2:14 PM  

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