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Monday, October 11, 2010


October 11, 2010
A few weeks ago one of the black belts, Amy Hinkle, who is doing a bunch of photography projects, said she needed to take a picture of something related to gravity. Would my son and I, Ian, do something in our style of karate called a "dump." (Yeah, I know, so elegant). A "dump" is somewhat differentiated from a "throw" which is different than, say, a "flip." It's mostly just moving your opponent's center, moving them somewhere else. It may or may not mean knocking them to the ground or throwing them, although it can.

Problem is, Ian doesn't like to go to the ground, and he wasn't really helping me here. So he really planted his stance and gave the "ain't gonna happen" attitude.

Amy took this with her camera phone by the way, and I think it's a fairly interesting photograph.

Oh, and a writing link. John Scalzi went back a decade to see what he had to say about writing for fun, as he was debating about spending time on writing fiction when he was doing just fine writing nonfiction. This is a debate I have with myself CONSTANTLY, so I found it interesting.


Blogger David Ebright said...

Well heck - I wouldn't let you throw me down on an unpadded floor either! Smart kid.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Spy Scribbler said...

Hah! I thought the same thing as Jax! That's not exactly an ideal floor, lol!

9:49 AM  
Blogger Mark Terry said...

Which is why it was a dump and not a throw. With a dump it may or may not end up with the person on the ground, but it often ends up with the person standing a couple feet from where they were originally standing. The first time a black belt did it to me successfully it didn't even feel like I was moving, but there I was, on the other side of her.

As for Ian, we're both the same rank, we're both black belt candidates, and he'll be 17 next week. He's been studying karate longer than I have. He's also been to I think 4 1-week karate camps where they did karate all day. When he was younger it was clear that I was better than he was. Now, although I think I have a better mental grasp of sanchin-ryu and I've got more of a "personal workout" regimen than he does, from time to time we get paired up in a black belt class to do some sparring (which in our style is kumite and is just done for practice, not competition), and I realize that his youth is really helping him now. In short, although I would be reluctant to tell him this, he can probably kick my ass.

10:11 AM  

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